Marketing Cloud Training Services

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Training Services

Your Marketing Cloud investment is one of the important assets in your organisation’s marketing mix. But with your Marketing and Technology teams working hard across multiple projects and deadlines, they may not have the most up-to-date understanding of this powerful platform.

Often, teams don’t know how to do Business As Usual tasks in Marketing Cloud, such as deploying emails, and revert to older methods or technologies that they are comfortable with.

We focus on Outcomes

We’re all about enabling your team on Marketing Cloud.

We’ll help your team get across email deployment, data imports and segmentation, reporting & analysis and much more. Our job is to get your team using Marketing Cloud quickly and confidently, while increasing ROI.

We’re Across Marketing Cloud

We provide training across Marketing Cloud, including:

  • Administration
  • Analytics Builder
  • Automation Studio
  • Advertising Studio
  • Best Practices
  • Contact Builder
  • Content Builder
  • Email Studio
  • Journey Builder
  • Mobile Studio
  • Pre-Implementation Training
  • Social Studio

Agile Training

Training doesn’t need to wait until your Marketing Cloud implementation is complete. We’ve found enabling teams at different stages of the build can help align their focus with the implementation plan, providing a demonstrable pathway to project completion. Also, we find that training during implementation highlights changes that are required to accommodate your team’s needs.

Additionally, we’ll provide training post implementation, helping to enable your team on new technologies or strategies, as well as upskilling new team members.

We’re Flexible

If there’s a training need, we’ll support it. We’re flexible in providing sessions, whether that is a one-on-one or a group session, or an onsite or virtual training session.

We’re Accredited

Our trainer, Derek, is a Certified Marketing Cloud Email Specialist and a Certified Marketing Cloud Consultant, with over three-hundred Trailhead badges. He’s worked on Marketing Cloud at ExactTarget and Salesforce, as well as Salesforce Partners Amicus Digital (Merkle) and Destined. Derek also conducts the Build and Analyze Customer Journeys using Marketing Cloud (MKT101) training on behalf of Salesforce Trailhead Academy.

Enable your Team Today

We’d love to get your team up and running on Marketing Cloud. Talk to us today to discuss your individual needs.

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Email Marketing Best Practices Training

In this 1-day, expert-led class, you’ll discuss and learn current email marketing best practices, making you invaluable to your organisation

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