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Salesforce Marketing Cloud

We've got certifications for Salesforce Marketing Cloud Email Specialist and Salesforce Marketing Cloud Social Specialist. as well as a wealth of experience in building out solutions for Social Studio, Social Hub and Command Center. We can implement a new solution for you, provide consulting on an exisiting implementation or develop insights and reports.

Social Studio

Social Studio is a platform that manages the scheduling, creating and monitor of content across social networks. A success Social Studio implementation will provide a collaborative space for your team to publish content to and engage with your audience, as well as analyse social content to build insight around your audience and competitors.


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Social Hub

Social Hub compliments Social Studio and provides automated rules that can speed up the management of incoming social posts, such as retweets or friend mentions on Facebook. Perfect for social customer service teams, Social Hub will save your agents precious time by managing repetitive tasks, allowing them to focus on customers with pressing needs.

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Command Center

Command Center showcases your brand's social presence, presenting live charts about your brand, products or competitors on social networks. When implemented on large displays, Command Center summarises the performance of your brand on social networks with high visibility across stakeholders.

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