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What Facebook’s API updates mean for you

Social Listening & Engagement

On October 16, 2017, Facebook is updating the Graph API to version 2.10. A key part of this update is around privacy, with Facebook limiting access to content that isn’t owned by you. This includes video, posts and comments. Here’s the statement from Facebook, which you can find here:

On October 16, 2017 we will require an access token to fetch Page videos, posts and comments for all Graph API versions. Access tokens help us identify the apps that call our APIs. This allows us to send targeted Dev Alerts when necessary.

So, what does this mean?

Essentially, it means that Facebook will only allow access to content that you own, when using third party applications. So, if you’re using a platform, such as Social Studio or Hootsuite to listen to social conversations, you’ll only be able to listen to, and engage with, conversations that occur on your own Facebook properties.

This means that developing insight around competitors, partners and industry, such as sentiment and keywords, won’t be as straightforward as it has been. And, for the next little while at least, content posted outside of your properties after October 17 won’t be available for Facebook in your social listening platform.

You’ll still be able to run reports on your owned Facebook properties.

Our analysis is that Facebook will allow access to this content again in the very near future, but with a different engine behind it. It will then be up to the providers to update their platforms to utilise this engine for Facebook social listening and engagement.

Does this affect Instagram too?

As Instagram is owned by Facebook and it uses the Graph API as well, we’re assuming that the same update will be applied to both social networks.

If you’ve got any concerns about how this will affect you, we’re happy to discuss. We’ll also be communicating any significant changes on our email newsletter, so subscribe now.

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